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Stomp Pads User Guide

Stomp Pads can be very useful for beginners, intermediate and experienced riders as they provide extra traction on an otherwise slippy snowboard surface.

Usually made from rubber, foam or even metal studs their uneven surface gives you somewhere grippy for your back foot to stand. This can help with one footed tricks and make lift exits look effortless.

Stomp Pad Placement

Place between the bindings, but closer to the rear binding (usually 2–5cm away). This allows you to stand on the stomp pad whilst pushing your back foot against the rear binding for even more traction; also closely mimicking your natural stance with only your front foot in the binding. The 2–5cm gap also lets you alter your stance (bindings) should you ever wish to do so.

Stomp Pad Fitting

Make sure your snowboard is completely clean and dry. You can use cleaning alcohol or base cleaner to remove any dust, dirt and grease from your snowboard surface.

Have snowboard and stomp pad at room temperature or heat them with a hairdryer. The heat will activate the adhesive creating a better bond between pad and board.

Peel the backing, without touching the sticky adhesive and place stomp pad exactly where you want it. Start from one edge pressing firmly trying to work out any air bubbles.

Apply even pressure on stomp pad using a weight or heavy book and leave for an hour or so. For best results leave adhesive to set overnight.