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If your stomp pad is old and on its last legs or you are simply after a new snowboard grip, then look no further. From cheap stomp pads that have the basic functions to combination models that have additional features such as locks, tool kits – you're sure to find the best stomp pad that is right for your snowboard.

What to look for when choosing Stomp Pad

With so many options on the market, why do snowboarders opt for a stomp pad? They have some benefits which you should consider when deciding if it is the right choice for you. The benefits of a stomp pad include:


This is by far the biggest benefit of any stomp pad. This is because better grip amounts to better control of your snowboard when your back foot is free from its binding.

Cool Design

Each person has their own idea for their ideal stomp pad. It is, after all, going to take pride of place on top of your snowboard. Whether you are looking for a bigger grip area, removing snow from under your boot or to add that personal touch to your snowboard; we will have the best stomp pad for you.

Stomp Pad Simplicity

All stomp pads are straightforward by design. Even beginners should have no problem in fitting and using their stomp pads. They have a single peel and stick operation so it could not be simpler to use.


Stomp pads are one of the few snowboard accessories that are easily affordable yet help to enhance your snowboarding experience.