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Hertel Wax

President and CEO Terry Hertel founded Hertel & Company in 1972. Hertel's corporate offices and manufacturing facilities are based in Sunnyvale, California. Hertel pioneered the encapsulation of surfactant wetting agents and fluorocarbons in paraffin. This is important as these ingredients significantly increase the performance and safety of the skier / snowboarder. Important also as it allows for more FUN on the slopes!

Hertel holds patents for his surfactant ski wax, Liquid HotSauce Ski & Snowboard Wax, perfluoropolyetherdiol formula high performance Ski & Snowboard Wax, and the pollen rejection system products for the spring season. Hertel continues to re-engineer its wax systems to meet the evolving standards of the ski industry, exceeding the challenges of today's terrain.

Why does Hertel Wax work so well?

Hertel Ski Waxes "Improve Performance Where the Ski Meets the Slope." Some people look for speed, others want performance. Using the right HotSauce Wax daily is an essential way to improve both. Once the ski is in motion, you are applying pressure and exerting friction, melting the snow, and creating a fine layer of water between your ski base and the snow. Control and manoeuvrability in skiing is derived from altering the structure of this water. Hertel wax systems perform a special process using an encapsulation process; tiny bits of surface-active agents formulated into the waxes interact with water, decreasing surface tension and friction, plus increasing control. The wax breaks up the water (snow) resulting in easier running, better control, added safety, and more fun. When commanded to turn, skis slide with ease.

Hertel is the leader in reducing surface tension to improve wax penetration into the ski base. Successfully modifying liquid properties through dramatically reduced surface tension can result in improved wetting. Think of spilled gasoline spreading quickly on the ground, getting into every crack and crevice. This is intentionally designed as a wetting process that improves performance or when on the ground disburses. Hertel waxes are designed to be compatible with the ski base. They contain powdered polyethylene emulsion with a special water-activated micro encapsulation product. As you apply the wax, it actually wets itself into the ski. This process produces our Super HotSauce, White Gold, Racing FC739, and the liquid products. All waxes are ALL TEMPERATURE products. We have also created a new wax vehicle called 158 flex. This, along with surfactants and fluors, make our waxes extremely flexible with enhanced durability. Our wax system actually bonds to the base of skis and snowboards. No other wax will last as long as Hotsauce waxes. This will reduce the frequency in which you have to wax. Go have fun, Wax with Hotsauce today.

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