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Level Sport is an Italian firm based in Sondrio, a charming Alpine town near the border with Switzerland.

The intention of the company's partners was to create a new segment in the glove market: a snowboard glove specially designed to meet snowboarders’ specific needs.

Level's innovative approach and its applied research gave rise to the Biomex protection system, developed in close collaboration with the expertise of doctors at the Gut clinic of St. Moritz, thus establishing the brand as a mark of safety and protection in the snowboard glove sector.

Level's market positioning was immediately a winner. Thanks to its innovative applied technology involving state-of-the-art materials, and its close-knit team, the company shot to the top of the snowboard equipment market.

Let's see a few of the major steps in the company's growth.

Level was the first, in 1988, to study, develop and market snowboard gloves and it was also a pioneer of the Removable Lining System.

It was the first to introduce, in 1992, snowrider protection technology and in 1994 it launched its innovative Breathable System. Just a few years later, in 1999, another of Level's firsts – H&R construction – brought further success. The multiuse snowboard/ski/mountaineering concept was introduced in 2001 at the presentation of the Ski New Trend Collection of gloves with a decorated palm in silicon.

The "success of the year" of 2002 was the new, in-glove Kirax integrated reflex stimulator system.

The year 2004 saw the launch of Overgloves, a range of innovative overgloves to keep hands warm in low temperatures; ideal for women skiers and for athletes waiting their turn during competitions.

The new entry in 2007 is Team Issue, a brand-new range of ultra high-tech, stylish snowboard and freestyle gloves designed with the input of the top riders. The Limited Edition range will be retailed only through leading winter sportswear stores.

2007 is characterized by great international ski successes: Level won 4 golden medals at World Championship in Åare with Patrick Staudacker (GS), Sarka Zharobska (SL) and Aksel Lund Svindal (DH e GS) who also won Ski World Cup.

In 2008 Level creates Bliss, a highlight of the 2008-09 collection, a line specially designed by women for women who love snow.

In 2009 Level proposed a new integrated system gloves-poles in freestyle and freeride world. Also in 2009, Level presented together with its more representative athlete, Aksel Lund Svindal, the most innovative ski racing glove ever studied.

The 2010-11 collection develops and launches two revolutionary new technological innovations on the market:

- This is the first brand to offer a thermoforming system customising the glove fit, optimising comfort and improving performance;
- It is the first company to offer a new adjustable air wrist support system which can easily be turned on and off.

Level goal is to develop its know-how in order to become a leader producer in the glove market for all winter sport activities. Innovative design, maximum quality, revolutionary style and innovative technologies are at the base of Level strategy, all along.

Highlights Level Snowboard Glove Collection 2010
Level's range of SNOWBOARD gloves has always been considered the most comprehensive and innovative on the market and this year the 10-11 collection features many improvements in terms of image and technical features.

Biomex-Plus system is among the applied technologies. The fruit of four years' research in partnership with the Klinik Gut of St. Moritz, Level has devised a special inner glove to provide greater protection for the wrist in snowboard accidents. Tests have shown that snowboarders using Biomex protection are seven times less likely to suffer wrist injuries. With the new Biomex self adjustment, the biomex insert can be used in all conditions, with or without removable lining.

Another exclusive is Thermo-Plus certification that, on account of the materials and manufacturing techniques used, guarantees a far higher level of waterproofness, breathability, insulation and comfort than the market average.

Protection and Freeride are the ranges of snowboard gloves presented.
In the Protection Line all the models have Biomex protections and this year Level reinvented protection short gloves, which are characterized by a captivating look and a revolutionary fit as for the model Sector. Sector is a high quality leather glove, with removable liner. The whole range has been brightened up through the introduction of new patterns. The Super Pipe XCR, Half Pipe and Fly gloves with the new Breathable System are particularly noteworthy; they feature the new system for improved breathability and an innovative design with fabric inlays.

Taking inspiration from snowboard trends and from the street world, new patterns have been introduced in Freeride line, making this line fresh and easy to match with winter clothes. The feature is a more streamlined, rounded finger design, which differs from the usual squared fingers' tips.

Highlight of the season for this line,is the model Pilot that features the new technology "Impact System". It solves one of the most common problems encountered by riders, that is the need for wrist support and the reduction of impact on snow by a tested air-inflated device. Easily adjustable, it can be inflated only when needed, allowing maximum freedom of movement when required.

Highlights Level Ski Glove Collection 2010
The SKI range has been generally upgraded, introducing new improvements in material technology, better leathers, a Gore-Tex XCR® membrane, the new technology Gore 2 in 1 and Gore X-TrafitTM, improved insulation material and manufacturing processes with, as always, a particular attention to warmth, waterproofing, breathability and grip. Highlight of the season for this line, it's the exclusive Custom Fit Technology that offers maximum personalised fitting thanks to an easy and fast thermoforming process.

Thermo-Plus certification is highly important and guarantees that the materials and manufacturing techniques employed ensure a far higher level of waterproofness, breathability, insulation and comfort than the market average. The women's range has been developed with a particular focus on attractive colours and materials, in line with the latest fashion trends.

The Ski Range includes three different segments: Racing, Essential and Progressive.
Racing takes the Level spirit into the competition world with its young, dynamic and cutting-edge styles that always deliver the best all-out performances. In fact this range was chosen by some of the top international ski teams, including those of Italy, Norway, Spain, the United Kingdom and Russia. The launch of the first glove Race Gore 2 in 1 ASKEL PRO represents a significant goal reached by Level. The glove has been developed in collaboration with the World Cup Winner, Aksel Lund Svindal. The model Race Gore 2 in 1 ASKEL PRO, state of the art in technique and performance, has a forearm protection system directly located in the glove that, together with knuckles and fingers’ protection, creates a product extremely innovative. Race gloves are similar to the top of the range for technical and performance features but are different depending on users’ needs. This line gloves, in fact, satisfy the highest performance requirements without compromising warmth and comfort.

Essential gloves guarantee the best performance for any kind of skiing. They bring together high technical content and the distinctive Level image with an unmistakable simple, clean style. The distinctive features of these gloves are the particularly unfussy design and the outstanding quality of the materials employed. Most gloves offer Thermo-Plus certification and Primaloft insulation to assure extra warmth. Essential gloves also present Gore-Tex® 2 in 1 technology.

Brand new is Alpha Pro with Biomatrix System, glove which guarantee the maximum in design, grip and precision. Leather gloves like Bomber, Type, Legend and Classic are unique for softness and at the same time for warmth and resistance, thanks to the special construction and to the high quality leather employed.

Radiator Gore XCR and Edge Gore 2 in 1 are reconfirmed as totally trustable and warm gloves. Alpine, which is a bestseller for this line, got a new special design and Deha for women is made of Primaloft padding, soft nylon and very attractive colours.

Women's Essential gloves stand out for the soft, ultra-warm materials used to make them and display a special eye for fashion with a complete, innovative colour palette.

The new Progressive line is a revolution on the ski-glove concept, for both technical content and design. It's a new Level product for a young and dynamic target group. Spy GT model represents this line: it's unique for design with specially printed palm logo and it is fitted out in Gore-Tex membrane.

Active Line are high-tech, lightweight gloves suitable for snow sports and urban wear.
Their distinctive design and silicone palm prints will certainly make them the gloves to be seen wearing next winter. They are made of Windstopper and Polartec and feature the exclusive Kangaroo pouch with an overglove which can be worn when the weather gets really icy.

The JUNIOR range, too, has evolved this year proposing funny and appealing models taking inspiration from animals: the kitten, the panda, the penguin, the bee, the octopus and the fish characterize Animal Kid Mitt model.

It also presents renewed models that echo the design and graphics of adult styles. New of this season is the SLURP line in which "appetizing" items which children love have been embroidered into the glove, such as ice cream cones, French fries and lollipops.

Special importance was placed on aesthetics and insulation; some of the gloves are now available with Thermo Plus technology to ensure optimum insulation and warmth, very important for younger skiers. The line is segmented like the adult's range, with special focus on competition gloves, a replica of the style used by professional skiers and models worn by riders. The Dragon Jr. model is warm and soft and available also in the mitten version.

A highlight of the 2010-11 collection is BLISS line, a line specially designed for women who love snow. Level used its first hand experience as well as input from a diverse group of women riders and skiers to develop a line of women's gloves and mitts unlike any other: warmer, dryer, softer, ultra-breathable, and unimaginably comfortable.

The Bliss collection covers everything from high-end models with lots of technical features to more affordable, fun styles that are still loaded with unparalleled warmth and comfort.

All Bliss gloves make the difference while skiing, no matter where or in which weather conditions, thanks to their unique characteristics in quality, comfort, style and technical features. Primaloft insulation is the best guarantee for comfort and warmth; the Gore-Tex membrane insures waterproofness and breathability.

The most important women's request comes from hand physiology and blood circulation: to always have warm and dry hands becomes essential. Bliss main goal is to produce gloves that can be considered the warmest gloves on the market thanks to their shape, which makes more room for air, to the materials employed, to a thicker top quality insulation and to Gore-Tex membranes.

Even on the slopes women want to be different. Bliss gloves have a unique and incomparable style, nevertheless respecting the functions snow lovers ask for. Design comes from the latest fashion trends matched with cutting edge women riders in the world of snowboard and freestyle. So a different product comes to life, a life product with the ambition of creating a new category of sky gloves.

The women that created Bliss are an exceptional and diverse group of famous riders and skiers who shared their unique riding experiences, careers, backgrounds and life styles, and they also have a common desire: to enjoy riding and skiing to the max with a new level of comfort, warmth, performance, and style.

The team members are: Tania De Tomas, Maria Martinod, Sarka Pancochova, Ane Enderud, Elyse Saugstad, Sarka Zahrobska, Maria Jose' Rienda, Olivia Akerley, Colby Adams and Chemmy Alcott.

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