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FK/SKS Speed Compact

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FK/SKS Silicon Stone

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FK/SKS Sharp Max

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Pocket Beast Pro

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Plane Beast

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Snoli Mini Multi Gum

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FK/SKS Deburrer

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Why skis and snowboards need tuning?

Skis and snowboards are specialist equipment that needs tuning so they can perform as intended; with a smooth gliding motion and edges that engage in turns when you need it.

Tuned equipment increases your enjoyment on the slopes and requires much less energy. Plus it has the added benefit of prolonging the life of skis and snowboards.

When do I need to tune / service?

With prolonged use of your skis and snowboards, the base and edges will slowly start to wear down. The edges will begin to lose their sharpness and start to become rounded or burred.

If you feel like you have to force every turn, have skidded turns or keep catching an edge, chances are your equipment is in need of tuning or maybe even a service.

What is base and side edge?

Base and side edge refers to the faces of the steel edge that run around a ski. This steel edge is what grips the snow when initiating a turn.

Increasing the base edge bevel lifts more of the bottom edge off the snow making the ski or snowboard more forgiving, so it won't catch unexpectedly.
This also results in better glide and greater speed.

Increasing the side edge bevel helps increase the gripping power of a ski or snowboard, particularly when on hard snow or ice.

The trick is finding the right the base and side edge bevel to match your needs.