Beginner Snowboard Tips – part 4

Basic snowboarding techniques
When you’re learning to snowboard, start near the bottom of the run where you won’t have to worry about losing control and building up more speed than you can handle. Sit down and strap in to your board facing down hill, stand up making sure you are on your heels.
If you point your toes forward the board will dig in and you’ll be eating snow!

To start moving, gently point your toes forward until the board starts sliding down the hill. Pull your toes up again to stop. Well done, you’ve just found the breaks!
Once you’ve mastered that, do the same exercise but this time face towards the mountain, pushing your heels down to start the board sliding and pulling them up to hit the breaks.

Once you’re happy with how to stop the board, you can try to master riding and turning.
At this point you may want to get a chair or drag lift further up the mountain. If you can avoid drag lifts for the moment, do so as they are designed for skiers, not snowboarders!
Further up the mountain may seem scary but it’ll give you more space to practice.

The Falling Leaf
This method gets its name because you are going to slowly slide side to side across the slope like a “falling leaf”, staying on your heel side edge the entire time. To begin stand up facing down the mountain and gently press down with the toes of your front foot only; your back foot should stay on its heel. The board will start to slide forward, then to the side. Control the board direction by lifting and pressing the toes of your front foot. Your goal is to go across the slope, not directly down it so if you find the board is starting to point down the slope, lift your toes to bring it back under control. You’re now riding a snowboard!
To stop sliding, pull back up with the front foot to hit the breaks.
When you’ve had enough sliding in one direction, stop and press down with the toes of the back foot to start sliding in the other direction, pulling up to stop. Continue to the other side of the slope. Repeat this back and forth “falling leaf” pattern all the way to the bottom of the slope.
Once you’re comfortable with the heel side falling leaf, try it again but on your toe side edge. To begin sliding from your toe side edge, push down with the heel of your leading foot. Pull it up to stop.

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